Residents in the Canneyreagh Road area of Donaghadee have expressed concern about the flooding of this road down to Church Lane on a more regular basis.


It would appear that the surface water has no means of escape as the drains are either too full or are insufficient in number.

Speaking today Alex Easton MLA & Councillor Janice MacArthur said:

Alex Easton MLA has called for the Department of Infrastructure to carry out a survey of the area in order to solve the problem. Speaking earlier this week he said, ‘The water flows down this road like a river and the velocity of it means that the drains cannot cope with the water. It is not good enough that local residents have to try to navigate this water during periods of heavy rain.’

Janice MacArthur local DUP Councillor said that she had been contacted by residents who had noticed recently that the flooding was more problematic.

She said, ‘The Premier Stores have significant water flow running outside their shop and this is certainly an inconvenience for both shoppers parking outside and Cherian the shop owner. Residents use the Church Lane access to walk into Donaghadee too so it’s important that this access is kept water free. Following my request, Council have recently been on site and cleared this area of leaves and I welcome the news that the DfI Roads will explore the issue further. Furthermore, the road surface is beginning to lift and I’m quite certain the water is having an impact on this too. We look forward to something being done here for the benefit of the community.’



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