Alex Easton MLA and Alderman Bill Keary are delighted to announce in partnership with the Groomsport Village Association fencing for the Springwell play park, Groomsport.

Speaking today Alex Easton MLA said:

“IMyselfand Alderman Bill Keary have been working on the issue of fencing for the Springwell play park in Groomsport for the last few months after the issue was raised at the AGM of the Groomsport Village Association by the Chair Woman Doris Hutchinson. At that time there were concerns that the play park was situated in a car park and had the potential to be a health and safety issue for children playing at the park being adjacent to the car parking area. There were also issued raised about dogs fouling at the play park so it was decided that the Groomsport Village Association would ask public representatives to raise the issue at council.”

“Unfortunately when the issue was raised at the Council there was no desire by Council to fence the play park despite the majority of play parks being fenced across the North Down area, there was also the complication of the land being owned in part by the Council and also the Housing Executive. As there was fencing in the past at the Springwell play park we investigated who had originally erected the fence and this turned out to be the Housing Executive. Once we established this we approached Owen Brady from the Housing Executive and it has now been agreed that a fence will now be erected by the Housing Executive in February for the protection of the children who use the Springwell Play Park. This is an excellent result and shows what working together between myself, Alderman Bill Keary and the Groomsport Village association can achieve.”