Alex Easton MLA has expressed concerns that the proposed new sewage works for the car park in Abbey Street may cause damage to the finished public realms works on Abbey Street.

Speaking today Alex Easton MLA said:

“I would have concerns that the works on the new sewage works may impact on the good works being done on the Public realms work that should be finished by the time works starts on the new Sewage pumping facility. While I fully accept that this work needs to be done I feel that Council and DRD need to get together to ensure that the public realms works will be protected and that if there is any damage done that DRD will take full responsibility and ensure that the public realms works will be restored in the exact same manor, and that there will be no cheap or ugly looking patch jobs done. Businesses in Bangor have been through a lot in order that these works could be facilitated and I would hate to see the place ruined after all the pain to get the town looking more attractive.”