Alex Easton MLA went on patrol with the Bangor PSNI on a cold Friday evening in the Ashbury and Silverbirch area of Bangor.

Speaking today Alex Easton ML said:

“It was a pleasure to have been asked to go on patrol with the Bangor PSNI on Friday evening, and despite the cold I have to say I really enjoyed the experience with the police. This experience gave me a deeper understanding of what it means to patrol and the difficulties that this can represent when trying to deal with issues such as Anti-Social behaviour.”

“The two officers that took the time out to explain their job and to show me what it entails were both friendly and I really enjoyed my time together with them. When dealing with issues of Anti-Social behaviour we patrolled the hot spots in and around the shops and Linear Park. I was delighted that there were no incidents to report when I was there. I would urge other public representatives to maybe take time out to avail of a similar experience which gives me a deeper understanding of the great work that Bangor PSNI do, which I have to thank them for allowing me to do by sharing the experience.”