Alex Easton MLA has today accused Ards and North Down Council as cruel and should be ashamed of themselves after proposals put forward to increase burial fees by 10% across the board.

Speaking today Alex Easton MLA said:

“I am ashamed of out council with the latest hair brained scheme to try and increase burial charges as the latest council officers proposals by 10%. I find this astonishing that the Council have the cheek to even be proposing it, there seems to be a complete lack of understanding or compassion on what this the residents want need or support and this is certainly not one of them. The Council have just lost touch with reality and the Councillors are just allowing the Council officers to run the show when in reality it should be the local Councillors telling the officers what to do.”

“I want to remind the Council that we are in a cost of living crises and people just cant afford more increases, I also want to remind council of the fiasco with this Council on the grave plot scandal were families were buying grave plots and then being told the graves would fit three members of the family but when it came to burial only two could be accommodated forcing family’s to buy new burial plots and causing much stress and hurt in the process.”

“The Councillors must vote against this idiot proposal, as it is an uncaring proposal and just fundamental wrong.”