Alex Easton MLA has today question why the Bangor Housing Executive public office has not reopened to the public, as we are now over the two year point since the Bangor public Housing Executive office was closed temporally and it is time for the Housing Executive to reopen the Bangor public office to the public again.

Speaking today Alex Easton MLA said:

“I am disturbed, and deeply concerned that the continuing unnecessary temporary closure of the Bangor Housing Executive office which is heading well over the two year mark. While I understand there needs to be planning on prevent the spread of Covid I however feel this is really an attempt to close the Bangor HE office by stealth to save money. I feel that in my opinion this is adding to the burden placed on public who are in need of this office being open every day instead of having to go to Newtownards. Bangor has the largest population in North Down and it is important that public bodies recognize this.”

“While I fully support the all efforts to combat the virus I really hope that this decision is looked at again as it really does not make sense to me, it’s time for the Housing Executive to reopen the Bangor Housing Executive office to the public or is there another reason they are failing to do so?”