Alex Easton MLA has today visited the Bangor Stroke Support Group who meets at the George Green Community Centre.

Speaking today Alex Easton MLA said:

“I was delighted to have been invited to visit the group by Lorraine McGivern. The group were involved in sensory projects and one of the members had brought their pet snake down for the group to hold. I was also told the group were struggling for funding for travel as funding was due to run out, I agreed I would raise this issue with different public body’s to see if there would be any help or support. I was also touched to hear that Lorraine McGivern and Steve Wylie who are members of the group who have has strokes were to do a Skydive for the Stroke Association in June. I certainly believe they are a lot braver than I am, and I would urge the public to back them to raise funding for the Stroke Association. I really enjoyed my visit and hope to be invited back in the future.”