Alex Easton MLA has today welcomed proposed plans for the old Royal Hotel Site in Bangor.

Speaking today Alex Easton MLA said:

“I met with the new owners of the Royal Hotel to be shown their proposed plans for the site. As many of us are aware the Royal Hotel site has been lying empty for some time and has left a vacuum in the area for a long time through lack of use. The proposed plans will see the frontage of the old Royal hotel stay as is, but be painted and redone up, there will be apartments built inside the current building with car parking for new residents. The downstairs and the front of the Royal will be turned into three retail/ restaurants facility’s which will have the potential to generate 50 new jobs for Bangor, the proposed plan will see the investment of 3 million into the project. I believe this is an exciting proposal which has the potential to rejuvenate this part of the Bangor Sea front and is needed to encourage the hospitality sector, and tourism sector in Bangor. I welcome the proposal and hope that residents/Council/ will approve of the proposals and embrace this as a good proposal for the current Royal Hotel site.”