Alex Easton MLA has today visited the Rathgill Bonfire site to offer support of the builders after it was burnt down.

Speaking today Alex Easton MLA said:

“I am saddened that any individual felt the need to burn the Rathgill Bonfire down before the 11th Night. This act was both immature and dangerous and could have resulted in someone being burnt or even losing their life. Bonfires are supervised and need to be carefully monitored, which is why so much care goes into building and colleting for them, to light a Bonfire out of sheer badness and is just plain stupid and dangerous.”

“If those responsible think by raising tensions was some sort of victory they are wrong and their actions are wrong and I condemn them for it. All this has achieved is to bring the community closer together to redouble their efforts to build a better Bonfire; this has already been shown by the community who have already been collecting for the Rathgill Bonfire to rebuild it. I would urge anyone who had any information on who burnt the Rathgill Bonfire down, to come forward to the PSNI so that those responsible can’t be allowed to attack the Protestant Culture and heighten Tensions in the area by their reckless actions.”