Alex Easton has given a brief outline of the key areas he will be outlining as he sponsors the National Trust Event on climate at Parliament Buildings Stormont.

The North Down MLA stated;

Northern Ireland is the facing the same challenges with climate change as any other part of our United Kingdom and I welcome the National Trust highlighting and addressing this matter.

The challenges include;

Rising sea levels and increased rain fall can lead to flooding posing a challenge for homes and businesses.

Biodiversity loss where changes in temperature and increased rainfall disrupt ecosystems and have negative consequences for agriculture, fisheries and farming.

Health issues due to rising temperatures related to respiratory matters and heat stress with the additional complication of increased temperature leading to spread of disease.

There are economic consequences and costs associated with addressing climate change which require local and Westminster response to prevent further cost at a later stage.

Transitioning to a low carbon economy is a political challenge. This event contributes to the planning and development of a comprehensive strategy on the climate”