Alex Easton MLA is shocked to discover that 109 river pollution incidents have been reported over the last five year period across North Down.

Speaking today Alex Easton MLA said:

β€œIt is truly worrying that when we should be doing all we can to keep our rivers free from pollution that we see 109 incidents over the last five years right across North Down rivers, were incidents of pollution from sewage, oil, Suspended Solids and Agriculture substances are being put into our rivers. This is not acceptable as they are a danger to our already struggling wildlife but also a danger to the general population and those who fish.”

β€œI believe that there needs to be a campaign to explains what constitutes pollution and that awareness of the cause of this and their consequences can be to our wildlife and human consumption if these leak into our water courses and fine their way into our drinking water. It is also time to have those who deliberately put pollutants into our rivers publicly named and that there are harsher penalties and fines for those caught polluting our rivers.”