Alex Easton MLA has reacted angrily to the proposed changes by Translink to the Bangor-Donaghadee/Ballywalter service.

Speaking today Alex Easton MLA:

“This consultation is a farce and will see the reduction in service from Donaghade to Bangor and to the vital link at Bloomfield Shopping Centre, while we are not sure if this is a reduction in the amount of journeys to and from Donaghadee, or a complete stopping of this service, as the consultation does not even bother to explain properly which one it is. I will be contacting Translink to get clarification on this. “

“There is absolutely no need for this reduction in service, for the simple reason is that Translink have millions of pounds in reserves and are trying not to touch this. The DRD Minister is fully aware of this and would rather cut services rather than dip into these reserves. I am strongly opposed to a reduction of services from Donaghadee to Bangor and would urge people to go online and express their opposition to this uncalled for reduction.”