Alex Easton MLA has welcomed a recent survey by TNI that shows that the East circular road near Ballymaconnell Road meets the requirements for the provision of a controlled crossing.

Speaking today Alex Easton MLA said:

“This is most welcome news and I know that St Columbanus College in particular will be pleased to hear this news. I am somewhat concerned to hear that despite passing the criteria and is now on the list for a controlled crossing which will provide much needed safety for school children and residents of the area that it is a way down the priority list to do by TNI. There is nothing more important than having a controlled crossing being put higher up in the order of schemes due to the level of children using this dangerous Road and I am today calling on TNI to either review when this can be put in place as soon as possible, or to have a meeting with representatives of the St Columbanus College and elected representatives to discuss the urgency of the mater.This needs to be installed now not years down the track.”