Alex Easton MLA has question were there was a reduction in grass cutting across North Down well before any cuts.

Speaking today Alex Easton MLA said:

“I was very surprised to see such a reduction in the amount of money being spent in grass cutting well before any cuts have been introduced through Transport NI. From a NI Assembly written question you can see that in the 2012/13 period £176,000 was spent but yet in the 2013/14 period it was down to £139,000. I really have to ask the question why as there were no budget cuts at this stage. Why has North Down had a reduction of £37,000 in resources to deal with cutting our grass? I have received a lot of complaints this year on the lack of cuts, which is meant to happen on five occasions each year. This explains the reason £37,000 has been taken out of the budget in North Down without anyone knowing about it, and the lack of grass cutting. I think there needs to be an explanation by the Ulster Unionist DRD Minister and I will be writing to ask him why this happened.”