Alex Easton MLA has been left astounded by the Council’s plans to further restrict access to recycling centres across Ards and North Down and has described it as just sheer double Standards.

Speaking today Alex Easton MLA said;

“I am just in complete shock at the latest mad capped plan by council to reduce access to recycling centres across Ards and North Down. The half baked plan is just unbelievable because in one hand they want us all to recycle more and on the other hand making it more difficult to access our recycling centres asking for everyone to provide identification they live in the borough, all this does is annoy people and discourage use of our centres and recycling will drop even further. The council are also planning to reduce the size of trailers using the site which will cause huge problems for those businesses that use the site and does nothing to encourage recycling.”

“This is down to saving more money and is a disaster for residents and recycling. I really think who ever thought of this latest recycling fiasco is speaking with double standards and really needs to think again about the messaging they are sending out to the residents of Ards and North Down, this is only going to come back to haunt the Council and cause further chaos and another council failure.”