Alex Easton MLA is not surprised by the two reported swarms of Bees in the Bangor area.

Speaking today Alex Easton MLA said:

“This is a natural occurrence and as someone whose grandfather kept bees I was used to Bees swarming as the hives Bee population become bigger, Bees then swarm to find a new home. Bees are not dangerous unless you interfere with them, which is why it’s important that if a swarm of Bees come onto your property that you close your doors and windows and phone the Council Environment Officer, who will deal with the swarm and remove it to a more suitable location.”

“Bees are an essential part of our wildlife that fertilize our plants and flowers and gives us honey; they are harmless but can give you a nasty sting, so it is best to let the experts deal with them when they swarm.”