Alex Easton MLA has reacted with disappointment to the delay to starting work for the new sewage and pumping system for Millisle.

Speaking today Alex Easton MLA said:

“This is very disappointing to see this delay which will now see work started on the new sewage and pumping station in 2015. Residents had hoped that the work would start this year. The problem seems to be the red tape involving the multiple land owners the Crown Estates and Ards Borough Council and DRD.” It is important that all these public body’s act quickly in the interest of the residents of Millisle, so that we can improve the quality of bathing water and prevent overflow and sewer flooding.”

“While I understand delays, it is ridicules that paper work and red tape are delaying this much needed project. I will be writing to both the Crown Estates and Ards Borough to try and speed this process up. It is not fair to leave the Residents with another year of bad smells and potential sewage flooding when the system becomes overloaded; it’s time to deal with the red tape and progress this project sooner rather than later.”