Alex Easton MLA has today expressed delight as TNI agree to build pedestrian refuge islands for the Belfast Road, Bangor

Speaking today Alex Easton MLA said:

“I am really delighted that TNI have seen the difficulty’s that pedestrians are having crossing the Belfast Road in Bangor, especially in and around the garage due to the speed and volume of traffic using the road. I have been lobbying for months for something to be done to protect pedestrians and for something to be done to reduce the speed of traffic. I am delighted that TNI have agreed to install a series of Pedestrian Islands along the Belfast Road to protect pedestrians crossing but this will also help to slow traffic down. This scheme is programmed to be built at the earliest in the 2018/2020 financial year, however due to the dangerous nature of the Belfast Road I will try to push TNI to do the scheme sooner.”