Alex Easton MLA has today said he will be giving his full support in the forthcoming Council elections to Independent Unionist Wesley Irvine.

Speaking today Alex Easton MLA said:

“Everyone knows Wesley Irvine his cheery character in itself just shines all the time. I am of course biased as Wesley works for me, but that in itself is important as Wesley has a firm grip on all the issues that people come through our office seeking help. Wesley in my opinion is the hardest working councilor for the Bangor Central area and his figures of achievement will back that up come the election and is always approachable and try’s to help those that ask him for help. He also holds the Council officers to accounts while many of the big party’s don’t. I believe Wesley Irvine deserves the support for the local elections due to his work on the ground and commitment to the residents of Bangor Central, there is no one who works as hard and he is also a vital link for me in knowing what the Council is up to and for me to be able to represent you, I will stand fully behind Wesley’s campaign and ask you to trust me when asking for you to support the individual that supports your interests with hard work on the ground and not just coming up to an election, he has stood by my me through thick and thin, and I owe him my support but as a friend.”