Alex Easton MLA and his colleagues Aldermen Wesley Irvine and Bill Kerry visited the Ulster Folk Museum last Monday.

Speaking today Alex Easton MLA said:

“This was a great chance to meet up with Kathryn Thomson Chief Executive and William Blair to get a catch up plans for the future of the Museum. The Ulster Transport and Folk Museum opened in 1964 and since then it has been a popular site for visitors and local residents and schools with 300,000 visits a year 15% from visitors living outside of Northern Ireland, however there are exciting plans for the future by the Museum who are looking at a potential 35 million plan to look towards the future after years of underinvestment. It was our understanding listening to the plans is that the museum wants to do more school programs, environmental volunteering, having facility’s to show off its large heritage resources which are currently stored. Add further to the town with and Industrial zone and improve transport accessibility to the site. The plans are very interesting and we as a team went away pleased to have learned of plans for the future which will offer an even more exciting visit for those coming to the Folk Museum. We would say thank you to the Chief Executive and all staff for all the hard work they have been doing, and for making our visit such an enjoyable one.”