Alex Easton MLA is delighted as his NI Assembly Motion on bringing Helens Law to Northern Ireland is passed by a majority through the NI Assembly.

Speaking today Alex Easton MLA said:

“I brought this motion for debate to the NI Ireland Assembly to show support for the victims family’s and to demonstrate and ensure we as an Assembly are tough on those that commit murder and for this to act as a deterrent that anyone involved in murder and refuses to divulge what they have done with the body of the victim after they have been sentenced will stay in prison after they have served their time. We in Northern Ireland must ensure that we send out a tough and zero tolerance message that we will not allow perpetrators to escape justice and cause more torment to the victims family’s by not divulging were their loved ones are buried.”

“I was disappointed by the Alliance Party’s amendment which attempted to dilute my motion and not compel the Justice Minister to do anything on this important issues, they obviously are weak on law and order issues, and I am not in the slightest surprised by the stance of Sinn Fein on this issue either as it has consequences for those who have murdered the disappeared during the troubles if caught and sentenced.”

“Today is a small victory for the Murray family and the Dorrian family’s, I now hope this will start the process into become law. The person responsible for Lisa Dorrian murder are in for a shock, because once they have been brought to court and found guilty of the murder which will happen, they will not be getting out of prison until they reveal what they have done with the body. Time is running out for this individual as justice is slowly coming their way.”