Alex Easton MLA has today condemned the theft of an elderly lady’s handbag at Prospect Road, Bangor.


Speaking today Alex Easton MLA said:


“This is a truly shocking incident to have happed to this vulnerable elderly lady. The individual concerned in this robbery are the scum of society, they are pariahs who should be ashamed of themselves to have picked on such an easy vulnerable target, these individuals will be caught and brought before the courts and will go to jail. I would call on anyone to contact the PSNI so that individual can be caught and arrested and brought before the courts.”

“On a more positive note the local community though Raymond Porter have come together through a Face Book Go fund me campaign to help this Elderly lady, I have spoken with the PSNI and I will act as the go between to ensure this vulnerable lady receives this funding and to also show that we as a community care about her and will support her, through this ordeal. I would pay tribute to Raymond Porter for helping to set this up and co ordinate this with me, I thank you on behalf of everyone, an act of kindness goes a long way”