Alex Easton MLA has told DRD to get their act together over the resurfacing of the roads in the Dellmount and Fairfield area of Bangor.

Speaking today Alex Easton MLA said:

“I have had increasing number of complaints that the DRD have just left the roads in a mess after new footpaths have been installed. While it was good to have the new footpaths installed it has left a major problem for residents who have had their footpath raised considerably, this has left a large drop from the footpath onto the current road surface. One resident is now unable to get their Caravan out due to the severity of the drop onto the road surface.”

“I feel it was foolish of the DRD to start work on the footpaths without having resurfaced the road surfaces in the Dellmount and Fairfield area at the same time. While I understand that the Roads in Dellmount and Fairfield will be done! It is totally unfair for DRD to leave the road surface in this state, and I am calling on the DRD to get their act together and give a firm timetable and date for the roads to be resurfaced as it is totally unacceptable to do part of the job and leave the rest of the work, and believe the residents deserve better!.”