Alex Easton MLA has today pleased with those involved in continued anti social behaviour in Castle Park, has now seen a bridge being damaged by fire to stop.

Speaking today Alex Easton MLA said:

“This is sadly the latest in a long list of incidents in the Skipperstne Glen and Castle Park areas with continued anti social behaviour, the latest being a wooden bridge walkway being set on fire and damaged. The reality is this is not getting any better and action needs taken to address the issues. The damage that is being caused with the continued anti social behaviour has no support within the local community and the parents of those involved have to pay for the repairs through the rates so everyone is affected, then we have the situation that if someone is caught who is involved in this anti social behaviour, will end up in court and have a criminal record which they will have to carry round with them for the rest of their lives and making it harder to obtain jobs and a career, and so the circle continues. There are actions that are needed by the PSNI with regular patrols and taking action with those responsible, and for the Council to look at youth programmes to give our young people things to do and places to go, so I would urge this to be raised by local councillors for the area. I am calling today for those involved in this type of behaviour to stop all you are doing is affecting everyone’s lives and most of all your own.”