“Following his discussions with parents who are really feeling the pinch financially the North Down MLA stated, and we are facing a cost of living crisis that is causing high levels of anxiety and distress, particularly the rising costs of food and fuel.

When we look at what parents are paying for school uniforms the need for action in an affordable school policy is self-evident.

I support measures that can help with this specifically;

Where possible there should be more than a single supplier.

Schools and Boards of Governors should have an affordable school uniform policy as an agenda item that is regularly reviewed.

Branded items again where possible should be avoided.

School uniform policy should be on the websites of the schools.

Good quality second-hand uniforms should be available at a reduced cost.

No parent should feel that a school is unavailable to their child on the basis of cost.”

Every family under the current circumstances should be given an allowance for every child at school in the family to help with Uniforms.

Concluding the MLA stated this was not an issue for point scoring among political parties and noted the Education Minister had tasked officials to see what additional support could be done. However, the time for action was immediately given the critical situation now pertaining.