Alex Easton MLA has today been able to reveal the truth as to why the SE Trust is really closing the Ards and Bangor Minor Injury Units.

Speaking today Alex Easton MLA said:

“I am able to reveal the exact reason why the SE Trust are trying to close down our Ards and Bangor Minor Injury Units and it is absolutely nothing to do with the Bengoa report which the SE Trust are hiding behind and using as an excuse but it has everything to do with saving money which they are trying to do with £14.16 million of savings they are having to find for 2022/23. What I find so annoying and so disturbing is that the real reason has been hidden from the public and the excuse of modernizing and bring resources to one location is just not the case it’s all about saving money and this email from the Permanent Secretary proves the situation.”

“It is also deeply disturbing that the Alliance Party are giving political cover to the SE Trust and not standing by the constituents of Ards and North Down and fighting to keep our public services. What we know and already admitted to by the SE Trust is they don’t have enough staff the Infrastructure is still not in place, both the Bangor and Ards Minor Injury units are being put into an old building that was not fit for purpose, people will have to travel further, the admission that Bangor needs a all purpose Health and Care Centre but the SE Trust does not even have the money to build it and put in place before they close the Minor Injury Units, and this will only add more pressure onto our GPS and cause more pressure on the Ulster Hospital site. We know that the SE Trust have been trying to close the Minor Injury’s sites for Ards and Bangor since the days that Michael McGimpsey was the Health Minister which was now a decade ago and unfortunately the real reason has been hidden and give political cover by the Alliance Party under the cover of Bengoa, and the is the truth of the matter is it’s not about improving our health service it’s about saving money.”