Alex Easton MLA has been left deeply angered at the state of the footpaths in between Victoria Court and the Killaughey Road, Donaghadee, which is in a complete state of disrepair.

Speaking to day Alex Easton MLA said:

“I have been contacted by residents who are deeply frustrated at the state of the footpaths in which is widely used by parents taking their children and elderly residents living in Victoria. Having visited the area and seen at first hand the level of disrepair, and general state of the paths I would have to say I have not seen a pathway in such a mess!”

“I have contacted the Transport NI to demand a meeting to view the footpaths in the area and to see at first hand the state of this path which is unacceptable. I also believe the current weed praying programme and the type of weed spray used is not working and that TNI need to relook at what they are using. I also firmly believe that the current footpaths in this area need to be replaced with a new tarmacked surfacing. I will be pushing hard to try and get this fixed for the area.”