Alex Easton MLA and Councillor Wesley Irvine took time to visit one of Holywoods employers Randox.

Speaking today Alex Easton MLA said:

“We try to take opportunities when we can to visit employers and listen to what their businesses do and what if anything we can do to help them. We met with Jason Webster Sales Manager and were shown around the building were we also met staff, and took time out to listen to what they do. We then listened to a presentation and listened to the many amazing things Randox do in the health field. Randox look at the best way to prevent health problems is by finding the early signs of illness from Biomarkers within your blood, and do an test which identifies 150 potential samples that can help someone know what could be potential issues for the future and enables that person the chance to make changes to stop any future illness development which is good for the individual but also good for business to keep their work force fit and healthy. Both I and Councillor Wesley Irvine enjoyed our visit and agreed to stay in contact for the future.”