Alex Easton MLA has today called on DFI to put double yellow lines down one side of Seapark Road, Holywood.

Speaking today Alex Easton MLA said:

I have been receiving numerous emails and complaints about the level of traffic being experienced at Seapark especially in the good weather. Unfortunately the popularity of the area has proven to be a nightmare for local residents who are finding huge difficulty in being able to access their driveways as they are finding people are parking over them, huge difficulty’s in being able to drive down Seapark Road to be able to access the main road and people double parking. Unfortunately the actions of some have led to a huge frustration among local residents and action is now needed to ensure that Seapark road can be driven safely that residents can access their homes which is why I am calling on DFI to introduce double yellow lines down one side of Seapark Road to stop double parking allow the road to be able to have a free flow of traffic and have it enforced and let the residents have access to their homes in peace. I have written to DFI who are bow going to look at the possibility of introducing double yellow lines to the area.”