Alex Easton MLA has today accused the Alliance Party of trying to stir up tensions across North Down.

Speaking today Alex Easton MLA said:

“I am left stunned that the Alliance Party has used a report brought to Ards and North Down Council last night to add the flying of the Union flag at half mast in the event of a monarch’s death to attempt a wholesale change to our flags policy to have all our flags flying on designated days instead of all year round. This included the Maypole and Queens hall in Holywood, Bangor Town Hall and also the Moat in Donaghadee. Why, why, why, are the Alliance Party stirring tensions across North Down by doing this, there have been no complaints about the flying of the Union flag and everyone is happy with the current position.”

“What are the Alliance Party playing at and trying to achieve, are they trying too provoke a situation where they can claim to be a victim and get more support, the Alliance Party are not a goody goody party they are not the middle of the road when they try stunts like this. There was no need for this and I would urge political maturity from the Alliance Party at this time. This is the time were we should be working to reduce hospital waiting lists, working to help the children who have not got into the school of their choice, working to address out crumbling road system across North Down.

“Thankfully the attempt was defeated but I was further surprised that they couldn’t even bring themselves to support the additional provision on the flags policy on the death of a Monarch.”