Alex Easton MLA has today condemned the Council for agreeing planning permission for a wall built at the front of homes on Balloo walk, Bangor.

Speaking today Alex Easton MLA said;

“Residents are up in arms that the Council planning section has given planning permission for a wall latterly yards from their home which in places is 11 feet high. I have been out to the site to speak with residents and I am truly shocked that this wall and the height of it which also blocked light coming into people’s front rooms and is an absolute eyes sore and looks like a peace wall has been given planning permission. I feel so sorry for the residents living in the areas who have been subjected to this monstrosity put up literally yards from their homes; I can only say I would not want that wall which reaches 11 feet in places in front of my home. It is a disgrace that Council and Councilors allowed this to go through and obviously they really don’t careless how this has affected these residents’ homes. I challenge those Councilors to go out and face the residents and to see what they have allowed to be build. I do not accept that this has not potentially breached planning rules and will be going back to the Councils planning office to go out to the site and meet me and see the disaster they have allowed.”