Alex Easton MLA has condemned plans by the Alliance Party to try and introduce a once monthly grey bin collection doe the Ards and North Down Council area.

Speaking today Alex Easton MLA said:

“I understand the need to recycle and we all do this as we want to reduce out landfill contributions and we all want to recycle foe the good of our environment and future of our planet. we all support those aims. But here we have an example of the Alliance party wanting to take away your service of a once a fortnight Grey Bin collection to a monthly Grey Bin collection in the hope it saves money and reduces land fill.”

“I don’t know about you but I recycle to the best of my ability and I struggle with just a once a fortnightly grey Bin collection, I can only speak for myself but I could not manage a once a moth Grey bin collection service and I don’t believe the majority of out residents could do either.”

“This proposal was defeated at Council already yet here we are having to stave of yet another cut in services by the Alliance Party who just don’t seem to want to listen to the residents. If the Council goes down this route claiming it saves money and reduces landfill. I can categorically say there will not be any reduction of your rates and will not save money for the ratepayers, it will lead to Grey bins overflowing and council refusing to collect Grey bins. It will cause extra pressure on our bin men who are already doing a fantastic job which is unfair!”

“This scheme has already been tried in another Council and failed miserably causing havoc and misery to households, I for one will not be fooled by the claim it will save money, it won’t it will however increase fly tipping, rats, people having to climb into their bins to compact their rubbish which is a serious health and safety issue, and bins not being emptied!”