Alex Easton MLA has contacted Transport NI after severe flooding into people’s property’s on the A48 coming into Millisle village.

Speaking today Alex Easton MLA said:

“On Wednesday evening I was called by residents living in Millisle who experience rivers developing on the A48 and were flowing into their property’s causing damage to their homes. There was fear and huge worry expressed, so much that I felt I needed to go out to visit the residents. I was extremely shocked by the scene of devastation when I arrived to see lakes formed in people property’s, and rivers flowing through their driveways, into their gardens and into people’s garages and conservatory’s.”

“The situation was so drastic that I needed to help brush the water away as best as we could with the residents, and to help build sand bag walls which were delivered by Transport NI. Speaking to residents there was concern about the local drains which had been reported to be cleaned by residents to Transport NI but this was not carried out. There is a question to be asked, by not cleaning the drains and gullies play a role in the flooding that occurred, because without the drains working and being blocked, then this will have only added to the problem, there needs to be answers by Transport NI and I will be asking them for a response”