Alex Easton MLA has welcomed the news that a judicial review is ongoing against the DAERA department’s plans to cull the Badger population by 70%.

Speaking today Alex Easton MLA said:

“I welcome the news that a judicial review is taking place to try and stop the DAERA from doing a cull of the badger population which will kill 70% of the Badger population across certain areas of Northern Ireland.”

“This cull is indiscriminate and will kill both those Badgers which may have TB and also healthy Badgers which do not have TB. It is a shocking statistics that so many Badgers will be culled indiscriminately despite their being alternatives which have been proven to work. I welcome the judicial review and have donated money to the case and really hope it stops this ludicrous plan by the DAERA Department. There are other solutions and the DAERA Department needs to listen to the will of the people and I am also convinced against the will of a majority of MLAS who have not even had the chance to debate such a ludicrous decision.”