Alex Easton MLA has today warned the public to be vigilant after the discovery of a scamming device at Springhills Bangor Tesco Store.

Speaking today Alex Easton MLA said:

“It is shocking that in a shopping centre that we all use from time to time that someone has tried to scam the public at a well-used ATM at Tesco’s at Springhill. A big well done to the persons who spotted the device and reported it to the PSNI. I would urge the public to be extra vigilant at all ATMS, because if one ATM had been used for scamming then there may be others in the Bangor area. I would also urge anyone who has used the Tesco ATM at Springhill to check their bank accounts for any unauthorised spending and report this to their bank and the PSNI.”


By Alex Easton

Alex Easton