Alex Easton MLA has today received word from the DRD Minister in a letter to him outlining action he has agreed for Millisle.

Speaking today Alex Easton MLA said:

“I am delighted that after my invite and subsequence visit to Millisle by the DRD Minister the DRD Minister has agreed some small measures to address some road, footpath and sewerage network issues in Millisle. The DRD has agreed to assess Masonic Avenue for potential inclusion in a future resurfacing programme subject to funding, but will take measure in the meantime to fix potholes and broken footpaths. There are also arrangements being put in place to finally replace the remaining old broken concrete footpath on Main Street between Strand Avenue and Seaview Avenue which will help to improve the look of Main Street.” In addition to this the project to update the Sewerage network in Millisle is to be scheduled for completion in 2014 instead of 2015.”

“I am pleased that the DRD Minister visit to show the concerns has paid off and while we may not have got everything we wanted for Millisle it is a good start, but we must not be complacent with much more work needed to be done for other areas in Millisle which I intend to fight for”