Alex Easton MLA persistence has paid off, that a wall built in front of homes at Balloo Walk has breached the planning permission and now has to be reduced in height.

Speaking today Alex Easton MLA said:

“I am delighted that finally after a battle with the Councils planners that the planning department at Council have finally accepted and agreed that this wall built at Balloo Walk has breached the planning permission granted of 2.3 meters. I personnel went out to measure the wall because I knew that it was above what was agreed by a large margin in places, and the serious impact it was having on the residents who have to look out their doors at this monstrosity.”

“Planning permission was granted for 2.3 meters which is six foot 3 and at different locations along this eyesore the wall was in fact built up to eight feet and even ten feet in locations. This has caused serious upset to residents and damaged relations and I am delighted that the Councils planning section went out again and relooked at what has been built. I would call on the owner of the wall to think carefully about the impact this has caused on relationships in the area and not to delay or try to find a way round this and just reduce the wall. I will be monitoring this and will ensure that the Council take action; legally if needed to get this resolved and reduced. It’s time to fix this eyesore which should never have been allowed in my opinion in the first place.”