Speaking following Meeting Minister of State Steve Baker MP local North Down MLA urged action on the twin challenges of the Northern Ireland Protocol and the cost of living crisis.


Alex Easton MLA stated;


“ There are two major challenges facing Northern Ireland that must be faced namely the Northern Ireland Protocol and the cost of living crisis.


I chose to focus on these in my meeting with Steve Baker MP Minister of State at the Northern Ireland Office on Thursday of last week.


The legislation on the Northern Ireland Protocol which is currently being addressed needs to be progressed with urgency and I urged good will on all sides to progress this matter in the best interests of everyone in Northern Ireland. This current state of affairs benefits no- one the Protocol needs to go.


My major focus has been the cost of living and energy crisis. Whether it is fuel for your car or heating your home we are all noticing the difference. My direct constituency surgeries are detailing the real fear that people have with the predicted increased in energy prices. My office is dealing with people who fear October and are rationing the energy they use.


The promised help must be forthcoming. This is not a time for playing politics or scoring points. Let’s keep it short and simple and get the help that is needed directly to people – time is of the essence in this matter”