Alex Easton MLA has been left gobsmacked at the suggestion as appeared in article in the Spectator by Councillor Mark Brookes that the Moat name be changed due to an error of history.

Speaking today Alex Easton MLA said:

“I have been left completely gobsmacked by this astonishing suggestion by Councillor Brookes that the Council change the name of the MOAT to the Motte due to an error of history a couple of hundred years ago. The people of Donaghadee know the Moat as the Moat and from talking to people who really don’t see the need for the name to change nor do they want the name changed.”

“The Moat is the symbol of Donaghadee and any name change will damage what for many is the real history of the Moat. This is quite clearly the name we all love and associate with and don’t want it changed. This ridicules idea from Councillor Brookes will have an impact on the name of Moat Street, the Moat Bar and Restaurant will he want their names changed as well I think not. I will be contacting the Council to see how far this idea has been developed, and what the crazy cost of this would have cost the rate payers of Donaghadee. I am strongly of the view of ensuring the name does not get changed, and I am positive neither do the residents of Donaghadee.” Ends