Alex Easton MLA has expressed concern and is deeply disturbed by a lack of planning for North Down over potential flooding.

Speaking today Alex Easton MLA said:

“I am deeply worried and concerned at answers to my NI Assembly questions on the risk of flooding in the North Down area, with 1,414 dwellings in North Down having been identified as a potential risk from all sources of flooding. I feel the lack of resources being put into the problem and lack of planning are a deep concern, with the potential for so many homes to be effected. This should be a priority for the Department of Infrastructure to put in place plans, and set aside fiancés to ensure the 1,414 dwellings are protected by defences to make sure residents homes are not at risk. While I welcome the work that is to be done to develop a flood alleviation scheme for the Ballyholme Stream in the Gransha Road area, we really need to do work on all areas of North Down that are affected by our increasingly unpredictable Weather patterns, and this needs to be looked at as a matter of urgency by the Department of Infrastructure to protect these homes for the future.”