Alex Easton MLA has expresses some concern at the proposed moving of Donaghadee Post office to a sight at the edge of Donaghadee at the Euro Spar at Moat Street, Donaghadee.

Speaking today Alex Easton MLA said:

“ Having spoken in person to the Post M andaster I am relieved that there is no intention to close the Donaghadee Post Office and that staffs jobs are safe! I am however concerned as to the proposed move to the edge of Donaghadee but understand the reason why. The current location is in the centre of Donaghadee and is in a location which is central for everyone in Donaghadee, and the proposed site is at the far end of Donaghadee and is not in a location that is readably available especially for pensioners living in nursing homes and Residential homes in the centre or far side of Donaghadee. Residents having easy access to the local post office is vitally important, and if this move goes ahead then easy walking access is not going to be available for some residents of Donaghadee”