Alex Easton MLA has been left concerned at the state of the Ballycopeland Windmill after an answer to a NI Assembly Question.

Speaking today Alex Easton MLA said:

“It would appear from the information to my question that the Ballycopleand Windmill in Millisle has suffered from adverse weather which has affected the condition of the Windmill. The Windmill has been there since the 18th century and we want to see it there still in another 200 years’ time. I am glad that DOE has recognised that urgent maintenance works are required and that that Conservation Works Team is looking at what can be to do the necessary repairs which are hampered by access issues to the site. I will be keeping a working eye to ensure that the DOE don’t leave this work too long, as the Windmill is far too important and has far too much historical value to be left, to further fall into disrepair.”