Alex Easton MLA is delighted to have received word through numerous NI Assembly Questions about maintenance schemes for the next two financial years for Housing Executive property’s across north down.

Speaking today Alex Easton MLA said:

“I am delighted to see that all Housing Executive homes write across North Down will see works being carried on essential issues ranging from New windows, new Heating systems, rewiring of homes, Insulation and external works being carried out right across North Down It is important that the Housing Executive re held accountable for their spending and to ensure they are providing value for money on maintenance and repairs from the amount off rents that come in from residents. I will continue to hold the Housing executives feet to the flames to ensure they maintain their Housing stock in a fit way for the next decade”


Alex Easton MLA

Phone – 07989325665


Rathgill new kitchens and Double Glazing 2020/21.
Rathgill new bathrooms 2021/22.
Willowbrook new Kitchens 2020/21.
Kilcooley Bathroom/Kitchen rewiring 2020/21.
Kilcooley Double Grazing 2021/22.
Kilcooley Heating 2020/21.
Whitehill Heating 2020/21.
Lisnabreen Bathrooms 2021/22.
Whitehill wall Insulation 2021/22.
Bloomfield Bathroom Kitchen Rewire 2020/21
Bloomfield External Cyclical Maintenance 2020/21
Bloomfield Double Glazing 2020/21
Bloomfield Heating 2020/21
Bloomfield Heating 2020/21
Conlig Bathrooms 2021/22
Breezemount/Conlig Double Glazing 2020/21
Loughview Holywood Heating 2020/21
Loughview Holywood External Wall insulation. 2021/22
Springwell Groomsport Double Glazing 2020/21
Springwell Groomsport Heating 2020/21
Churchill Bangor Heating 2020/21
Beechfield/Ashfield Donaghadee Heating 2020/21
Beechfield/Ashfield Donaghadee kitchen bathroom rewire2020/21
Beechfield/Ashfield Donaghadee External Cyclical Maintenance 2020/21
Millisle Kitchen bathroom rewire2020/21
Millisle Heating 2020/21