Alex Easton MLA has reported 160 potholes across North Down in one day.

Speaking today Alex Easton MLA said:

“It is quite shocking how many pot holes have been reported to me through Social Media/ Face Book to report potholes across North Down. It is also shocking the amount of residents reporting damage to their cars due to the roads being allowed to deteriorate across North Down. It is very important that Transport Northern Ireland deal with this issues as a matter of urgency as we can’t just leave potholes across North Down which become worse and so big that damage to cars is now happening on a regular basis. I urge the public to report any potholes and ensure that TNI take action to have these marked out and are repaired as soon as possible and that proper tarmac is used and not this cheap fix stuff that comes out again within several days. I am writing to the Infrastructure Minister to try and secure more funding for North Down as the current position is just not acceptable.”