Alex Easton MLA has spoken to the Chief Executive of the SEELB and both school principles of both Kilcooley and Clandeyboye Primary’s schools and is assured of their long term futures.

Speaking today Alex Easton MLA said:

“Having spoken to the Chief Executive Mr Butler and having seen site of a Draft Development Plan Proposal for both Kilcooley and Clandeyboye Primary Schools I am 100% confident that neither school will be closing, and in fact the total opposite is in store with exciting new plans to develop both schools in a positive way for the future.”

“While there will be a need to address the empty school places there has been a significant rise in school pupil numbers and I believe that both schools offer the children of North Down the best possible Education standards there are available.”

“While I cannot go into the Draft Development Proposals due to confidentiality, I can assure staff and pupils that the future is very bright for both schools, parents do not need to worry as I believe from sight of documentation and assurances form the Chief Executive that there will be NO Closures or Amalgamations. Both Kilcooley and Clandeyboye will be standalone primary schools with exciting plans to help modernise and develop both schools in an attractive and positive way for the future.”

“The message is clear there will be no school closures for either Kilcooley or Clandeyboye, they have both exciting futures ahead so the message is clear send your kids to both schools if you want to be a part of this exciting future.”


Alex Easton MLA