Alex Easton MLA has today called for a partnership approach between the Department of Infrastructure, DEARA and Ards and North Down Council to build a public footpath to the Ballycopeland Windmill.

Speaking today Alex Easton MLA said:

“It is clear how popular the Ballycopeland Windmill is and the access to get to the Windmill form a resident or tourists is to drive along the Moss Road from Millisle. May local residents if they don’t drive have to walk along a narrow road that is in need of resurfacing and is a danger to both pedestrians and road users in its current state? I know money is tight for government departments is tight but I believe that a footpath along the Moss Road to the Ballycopeland Windmill site is imperative both to help with tourism and make the Windmill more accusable to the local community but also on a safety point of view. We know that Abbey Road is down to be resurfaced at some point why not build a footpath in a partnership approach and share costs which would be a win win for the residents of Millisle and tourism.”