Alex Easton MLA had today called on the Infrastructure Minister to do an inquiry into the selling of Portavoe after it emerges it was sold for just £67.575.

Speaking today Alex Easton MLA said:

“This whole process of selling Portovoe has stunk from the start, and to discover the entire site was sold for just £67,575 is just an absolute disgrace and does not add up. I do not understand how NI Water could have sold Portavoe for such a low price the site is huge and has such potential for fishing and tourism and it’s lost for good. We also now find out that anglers can no longer use the site which was meant to be part of the agreement the site were sold.”

“I am afraid that NI Water have a lot of explaining to do and I am not convinced we will get the answers, this is an absolute disgrace and I am so upset to have found the answer through a Northern Ireland Assembly question which I had to ask. I will be demanding an enquiry into this entire process by the Infrastructure Minister, and the price received for the site and will also referring this to the Northern Ireland Audit Office”