Alex Easton MLA is annoyed and vandalism to walkways and signage at the Balloo Wetlands.

Speaking today Alex Easton MLA said;

“I really depresses me that individuals feel the need to damage public property by writing comments about ISIS, KKK and other vile things. The Balloo Wetlands are a beautiful setting and place to visit which protects wildlife and for individuals to damage the walkways and signage ruins it for everyone else. This costs rate payer’s money to get this cleaned of, and those responsible are both childish and irresponsible by their actions.”

“Having visited the site to see the damage it was also clear glass bottles are being thrown into the water, I would urge people to be careful because the wetlands can be very dangerous and by throwing battles into the water they are also endangering the wildlife. I would urge anyone who knows who is responsible to contact the Council or the PSNI as I believe those responsible should be made to clear up their mess!”