Alex Easton MLA alongside his colleague Gordon Dunn MLA meet with representatives of the Ulster Bank to discuss the closure of the Main Street Ulster Bank Branch in Bangor.

Speaking today Alex Easton MLA said:

“While this was a polite and good natured meeting, it was also very serious. Deep concern’s were expressed as to why the Ulster Bank in Main Street was to close. The bank gave assurances that nobody was going to lose their jobs, and that the bank would close in six months’ time”

“Unfortunately the Ulster Bank is to carry on with their plans for closure. The Ulster Bank used various reasons for the closure and claimed there had been a reduction in transactions being carried out at the Bangor, Main Street branch falling from 112,000 to 94,000 transactions. This is due to online banking and phone banking, they also used the excuse that there was a problem with lack of parking which is why they felt the Springhill branch was to be kept open, which had also an increase in its transactions while Main Streets had fallen.”

“The Ulster Bank said they will keep the ATM going until a new owner of the building decides on its future, and that they will be negotiating with the Post Office who will be able to provide some of their banking facility’s for their customers. I was disappointed that the Ulster Bank is to go ahead with the closure and feel it will be a loss to the local customer base in the centre of the town.”