Alex Easton MLA and representatives from Donaghadee Rugby, Cricket, Hockey and Football Clubs met Ian O’Neil from Ards Council on Friday to discuss a Sports Hub for Donaghadee.

“Alex Easton MLA said”:

“This was an extremely positive meeting with Ian O’Neil from Ards Council who is keen to work with all the sports clubs in Donaghadee towards building a sports Hub to move all the sports together into a fit for purpose facility second to none across the borough.”

“Peter Walker Rugby said:

“We are delighted that Ards Council have agreed to do bring in an independent Consultant who will do a Consultation with all the sports clubs in Donaghadee to identify the needs of sport clubs in Donaghadee and identify areas were a sports Hub could be located, this could be big news for Donagahdee and bring much needed investment into the town.”

Michael Carlisle Football said:

Members of Donaghadee Combined Sports Hub which has been in existence for approximately five years. Their collective goal is pursuing a new sports facility within Donaghadee to accommodate the immediate and growing community. Their aim is to collectively enhance and strengthen their respective sports disciplines with new state of the art facilities for all ages to enjoy in regard to Football, Rugby, Hockey and Cricket. They are committed to strengthening their clubs local identity and want to encourage and enhance all the clubs abilities to compete and attract players and members for the present and stability for the future. The hub members were informed that a council funded feasibility study by independent assessors was to be conducted within Donaghadee to facilitate the process

Alison McNeice Hockey Said:

“This is a very exciting project and it is important that we see all the outdoor sports clubs working together to move this forward. It is vital that the consultation takes into consideration the needs of all the sports clubs, Hockey, Football, Cricket and Rugby. We hope that the report will recognise the need for new facilities for all these clubs and ultimately recommend the provision of a shared sports facility for Donaghadee.”

Alex Easton MLA said

“This potentially is a game changer for sports facilities within Donaghadee and the consultation and its recommendations are vital for the future, this project could take up to five years and all the clubs are determined to work together as one and build good positive working relations with Ards Council and local representatives.”